New Keynesian Hybrid Phillips Curve

As promised, this post looks the hybrid version of the Phillips curve (PC), identified last week as the New Keynesian standard for explaining inflation persistence.  What follows briefly recounts the PC origin story and examines the GEM Project’s superior version.

Adaptive … 
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Inertia in New Keynesian Modeling


I cannot just yet let the GEM Blog examination of Carlin and Soskice’s Macroeconomics (2015) go. It is very interesting to me how much rational-behavior generalized-exchange modeling would enhance that text, making it uniquely important. The advantage of the 2nd … 
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Getting Efficiency-Wage Theory Wrong

Last week’s post elaborated on consequences produced by the mainstream macro theory’s absence of rational meaningful wage rigidity (MWR). Overall, the greatest damage has come from model-builders being deprived of crucial guidance in their attempts to construct stabilization-relevant macroeconomics. Surely … 
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Answering an Important Question

GEM Blog posts vary widely in importance. This one really matters. It elaborates on last week’s identification of the crucial flaw in the second edition of Wendy Carlin and David Soskice’s Macroeconomics (2015). Readers must wonder how the existence of … 
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Macroeconomics, the Two Editions

This post looks the ambitions and evolution of Wendy Carlin and David Soskice’s Macroeconomics, the first edition of which was published in 2006 by Oxford University Press to immediate acclaim, and the second in 2015. It is an instructive story.

The … 
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Lesson Three: Low Neutral Interest Rates


This post is the third installment of the GEM critique of lessons of the Great Recession according to  Olivier Blanchard and Lawrence Summers, editors of Evolution or Revolution? (2019). Their third lesson is the challenge presented by chronically low neutral … 
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